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EU Elections 2024


EU and EU elections

The European Union, or EU, is a unique economic and political union consisting of 27 nation states.

The EU was founded in 1992. There are around 450 million people living in the EU.

The six core values of the EU are human dignity, freedom, equality, democracy, the rule of law and human rights. The EU promotes these values in its own region and globally. Voting in EU elections is therefore important.

Voting percentage in the EU elections 2019

Young people vote less than other age groups. Therefore, the voice of young people is not heard in decision-making as well as it could be.

In these elections, the future of the EU is decided together. By voting, you can express what is important to you and vote for a candidate who agrees with you.

The election date is June 9th

In Finland, the election day is 9 June. So use your vote.

The European Parliament

The European Parliament adopts laws that affect everyone: large and small EU countries and their citizens, large corporations and startups globally and locally.

There are many important aspects covered by EU legislation, such as the environment, safety, consumer rights and economy.

In the elections, 720 Members of the European Parliament will be elected, 15 of whom are from Finland.

Members from different countries are organised in the Parliament by political groups, not by nationality. There were eight groups this term.

The current political groups in the European Parliament and the likely groups of Finnish parties.

Every important domestic topic also has a European perspective. Your vote will determine who will be elected to represent you in the European Parliament.

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